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Copying files automatically with a BIOS

I know it's a weird title, not really sure where to put it on the forums or how to explain it in a title. Basically, I want the computer to automatically transfer specific files to a different drive right when the computer turns on. It's just an idea that I had which I have no idea if it's possible, but I think if you could transfer say your OS to RAM Disk before the computer is at the point in which it needs to boot windows, perhaps it could load faster. I read that you can have your HDD/SSD transfer information into the RAM Disk upon booting to boot the OS, but the drawback is it takes time to transfer it and it probably wouldn't boot any faster.

So I was thinking if it could be transferred sometime before it tries to boot into windows, it might be possible to have the computer boot more quickly. On that note, is it possible to boot windows with only specific files and read the rest from a different drive? Let's say it's windows.exe. It just transfers that file to the RAM Disk then starts booting while reading from the SSD. Obviously this wouldn't be faster, but if it were possible to have a reasonable amount of files transfer to the RD, perhaps it could boot more quickly.

If whomever wrote that you could boot from RAM was correct, would it also be possible to remove the files upon booting then let the main drive take over windows?

There are obvious reasons to why I'm asking about this, but one that isn't so obvious, someone I knew a few years ago had a really nice computer build. He restarted his computer and I don't know how he did it, but it may as well have just refreshed it's screen. It went black and not even 2 seconds later, it was running again. He was saying that whatever it was, memorizes certain programs so it's always able to initialize near immediately. It would never have to actually re-read or run anything since it was already ready to go. Something along those lines.

I can't ask him because as it turns out, he's a very bad person in general and even an m.2 can't do what I seen his computer do. Only logical thing I can think of is perhaps the RAM was doing the work. Perhaps SuperFetch?

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