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It would do you well to consider that convenience comes at a cost. The "tolerance" that Windfows affords is exactly what created the old BSOD and why you won't find Win10 on any super computer or for that matter any truly mission critical device. Windows employs a microkernel which does not require self-checks so that any dummy can use it. Linux give us way more power, but just like Spidey's Uncle said, you know what that implies. To enjoy such power your PC must insure that everything you need is in place and since it can't see through an open switch it halts. However you, the owner-operator can see and operate the switch so it is your responsibility to do so if you want access to serious power. The only other possible choice is to continue to be conveniently weak and dumb and let Apple or Microsoft do it for you, but that comes at the aforementioned cost.

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