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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
Surely you must realize by now that you are part of an infinitesimally small minority of people at this point? I don't have hard numbers to go by, but I would be surprised if there were more than 5-10% of the adult population in the US currently that don't utilize either an Apple or Google account, especially with the advent of the Universal Access program.
Add +1 to that group then.

Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post
is at all worth the clear and significant inconvenience inherent in forgoing a modern smartphone (among other things). Just seems like you are missing out on a whole heck of a lot more benefits than you are gaining...
Don't miss out on anything actually. I have a smartphone like everyone else along with having access to all the same apps everybody else does but without any Google. It's called Yalp, microG, custom roms and a few other things.

Quote: Originally Posted by Blameless View Post
Not all of us.
Damn right.

Quote: Originally Posted by akromatic View Post
it is a deal breaker because it wants you to sign in and tie an account to it which is tracked by MS along with all activities on the PC.

whats so hard about having it bundled as a driver or some .msi /.exe that you can download and install off intel directly. it is a PC not some fruit hand held device

fyi it is not all, dont generalize everyone as sheeples. just because you are happy to use some fruit app store doesnt mean everyone else is
Logic right here.

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