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Quote: Originally Posted by akromatic View Post
it is a deal breaker because it wants you to sign in and tie an account to it which is tracked by MS along with all activities on the PC.

whats so hard about having it bundled as a driver or some .msi /.exe that you can download and install off intel directly. it is a PC not some fruit hand held device

fyi it is not all, dont generalize everyone as sheeples. just because you are happy to use some fruit app store doesnt mean everyone else is
Don't spread misinformation...

The MS Store only asks to sigh in when downloading from the store, click cancel on the sign in it will still DL. You do not have to sign into an account to download something from the store! Unlike Google and Apple's Stores that force you to sign into an account to use, the MS store has no such restrictions. Only if the app requires payment do you need an account.

I did it 2 weeks ago when I setup a new laptop for an employee. Local Account only, was able to download apps fine.

But the MS store is just fine, I have no problem logging into my MS account. The Store works just fine, and really no reason not to just sign in. I'd rater use MS Store than every dev come out with a new store platform (cough*Epic*cough).

The simple act of connecting a device to the internet, you are already being tracked. As long as you have all the tracking turned off in windows, you are sitting better than the avg smartphone user. Even while being signed into a MS account.
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