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Quote: Originally Posted by Majin SSJ Eric View Post

I've downloaded plenty of applications from the MS Store and don't personally take anyone seriously who dismisses software based only on where its hosted. We all happily utilize Apple's AppStore and Google's PlayStore, yet somehow any application on the MS Store is a complete deal breaker? Its just silly IMO...
The hate is valid, I literally have two games on it and nothing else (Both Forza Horizon games) and even I've had problems with it that were very common in the communities for those games around release day for the games or DLC...I remember when Fortune Island came out that the Forza subreddit and a few other choice areas were fille with people who preordered and preloaded the DLC having to redownload it because of an MS Store bug, likewise with the base game itself...Or the fact it was simply confusing to not only have the DLC itself download but the game recognise that you 1) have the DLC files there and 2) own a license for the DLC...And it didn't even really tell you anything about the download: It gives you a "xMB Downloaded of xxGB, x:xx remaining" style timer as is the norm but for a lot of users the latter filesize kept increasing (Which being the total amount of data to download, should be a set number I'd think) which also meant the time remaining would increase until it hit 100% and finished.

It's not unusable, but it's not great either as evidenced by the bulk of large game releases on it. And this is coming from someone who only uses Linux these days, so it should be pretty obvious I'm all for having a trusted, centralised repository of basically the vast majority of software you'd ever want.

Quote: Originally Posted by ThrashZone View Post
I suppose if i were using onboard graphic's I would care.
Did you completely miss the news that Intel is going to start releasing dGPUs next year? This is what it's for, because Intel's windows drivers have been average at best for years because that's all they really ever needed to be.

And for anyone whose not aware, Linux is also getting new Intel drivers for the exact same reason too.

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