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This is the same benchmark with 2 of intels Xeon 8180s.


And this is two EPYC 32 cores


Assuming the score would double with a dual socket configuration (and it usually does) that would yield a result of 1553 GOPS, which is up to a 16.1% higher score than the dual Xeon 8180s, and a 21.1% higher score than dual EPYC 32 cores.

The performance per core though is pretty terrible. The average clock speed for the run was 2.2ghz and it had twice the cores, compared to the 2.7ghz average clock speed of EPYC 32 cores with half the threads, yet only achieving a modest 21% score increase, instead of what you would expect to be a 81% performance increase with similar IPC. There is a lot of performance left on the table. Whether that is due to poor scaling in the sisoft sandra benchmark, errors in the silicon, or some other issue, who can say. These numbers might not even be accurate.

Put another way, two EPYC 32 core CPUs are 30% faster than a single one of these 64 cores CPU, assuming linear scaling with clock speed.

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