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Help identifying bios chip

Hi there,

I have a Palit Jetstream GTX 680 4GB and whilst changing the bios the machine freaked out and now the card no longer works. I've tried the usual methods of using another graphics card but NVFlash just doesn't see it. Can someone help me identify which is the bios chip please?

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You need the two items that Austin suggested:



Then you need to locate the bios chip - it is often painted with a small dot on the board. It looks like its the same location as on my 1080 ti - take a look on a reference titan x board.

Follow austins guide in this thread - and make sure the clip is on the right way - (The top-side has more cables)

Check the bios chip - search on google - and in the program - check if you can find a similar named chip (not completely the same but same brand and similar number, or try to use MXIC MX25V4005 (4mbit bios) - thats the one I used on my EVGA 1080 ti (would make sense if it's the same on yours)

Here is a pic of a Titan X reference board - and the bios chip is on the same spot as mine - should be all you need, if not feel free to PM me - good luck
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