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Bad Mobo? CPU and GPU fans stuck at 100%

The other day an old computer's GPU stopped displaying video. My good old 8800gts 512 was still pumping it's fan pretty hard anyway. I switched the card for what is apparently a Radeon X550. It displayed video, but it's annoying little fan is screaming all of the time it has power. I'm assuming it is at 100%, no programs seem to be able to read it, aside from load which is very low (3-14%). They read the CPU fan which is a solid 100% at 30C whether low or high load.

Comodo and Malwarebytes find no problems, swapping the power supply made no difference, just cleared CMOS to no effect.

After the cmos clear, it had a boot hiccup and the gpu fan slowed for a moment, but i think it was just the system power cycling. It had AMD's Cool n' Quiet disabled cuz default, so that isn't the issue. Unless of course it's somehow fried itself into cool n'loud ?... hey - what happened to the emojis? awww..

I had to replace this mobo once before, but this is still the first computer I ever built myself from scratch, I guess it's kind of a personal mission to keep it alive ... forever ...
Replacing seems out of the question at this point, so I'm hoping the mobo might possibly not be the problem, or at least correctable.

AMD 6400+ BE
Radeon x550 (or so it comes up, card says nothing)/EVGA 8800GTS 512
CoolerMaster GX450W/Antec EA750
Windows 7 pro 64

Do your own research and testing, both for peace of mind that (a) What you're reading is true, and that (b) Your gear ain't defective!

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