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Quote: Originally Posted by OCmember View Post
Post screen shots to prove that.

EDIT: With the UD7 I'm using 24 PCIe lanes. The 1070, a sound card, and a NIC.

EDIT2: What board are you using, again? IIRC I had issues with this UD7 booting beyond 3.6Ghz before and the QPI PLL and IOH core helped. I can't remember what my EVGA 760 was set to but it was able to reach close to 4GHz but I'm not so sure it was stable.. it's been a while since using that board and I think I sold it off. Bought an 141 E770 Rev 1.0 a while ago and haven't even tested it. That might be a fun board to mess around with.
Did a quick test at 3.8GHz QPI with 1.2 QPI PLL and 1.1v IOH with my wife's computer this morning (it's an h.265 mkv file, about six minutes long): https://www.sendspace.com/file/etuxkr

Didn't want to fiddle with it too much as I didn't want to risk corrupting anything and having to reload the backups. I never really pushed high BCLKs with that X5670, but I'm sure I could get a bit higher at 1.2/1.1v if I spent some time on it.

I've only got two working X58 boards left, the one in my wife's computer is a Gigabyte X58A-UD5 2.0 and my seed box still has my working EX58-UD3R r1.1 in it. I sold one other EX58-UD3R a long time ago and killed a third. I've also killed an ASRock X58 Extreme, an ASUS P6X58D and P6TD Deluxe.

The ASRock board was a bit of a lemon, but all the other boards could hit ~220 BCLK at the 18/36x QPI multiplier with little or no IOH voltage increases. They all had the ~4GHz QPI hard wall though, as does pretty much every unmodded X58 board, except some of the later OC focused models, like the Gigabyte X58-OCA.

Most of my LGA-1366 CPUs would scale to ~3.8GHz QPI with 1.1v QPI PLL, but much past that I recall there being a lot of variance. Past 3.9GHz most of them started to need a lot of voltage, but I rarely never needed to run such high BCLKs. Since 2011 most of my LGA-1366 parts have been 32nm Westmeres and Gulftowns, so maybe I'm miss remembering how much QPI PLL my i7-920s required...but 1.4v still sounds quite extreme to me. I'll check through some of my old threads here to see what exactly I was doing with my last 920.

Anyway, I know I've never experienced the need to keep QPI PLL and IOH voltage the same, nor have I generally needed to touch IOH voltage very much, unless the bulk of the directly attached PCI-E lanes were loaded. Even then my GTX 480 SLI and R9 290 CFX setups still only needed 1.2v IOH at 3.8GHz QPI.

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