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Old build getting old, help with finding what is going on

Hello all, Haven't been here in a while. Hope everyone is fine. I have been experiencing random shut down with my rig lately and I haven't figure out yet what it is. The screen will randomly turn black, (both monitor in the case), if im plying I can still hear the music of the game or movie I was watching. The computer just randomly become unresponsive. It does that even after a fresh install, newest drivers etc. I recently dismount everything and re-applied new cpu/gpu paste, dismount and clean rads/fans and still the same. It dosen't seem to be a heat problem.

What would be the best route to go for checking all the hardware to find out the guilty one?
Can my all system be reaching end of life? I don't think so but who know.

Nothing is overclocked.
I'll see if my rig is in my sig, if not I'll just put it there so you can see what it's about.

Thanks in advance!

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