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Quote: Originally Posted by Blameless View Post
Are you sure it was actually dried out and not simply disturbed by thermal expansion/contraction cycles?

I rarely advise just spreading a thin layer of TIM unless both contact surfaces are extremely flat and made of materials with similar expansion coefficients. Putting a small dab in the center after placing a thin later is usually wise, to ensure that there are no voids.

GPU dies also need extra care as they are so large and generally not lidded. A little extra TIM, again to displace any air and ensure there are no voids, as well as to account for any pump out that may occur early on, is something I've always advocated.

I'm not yet convinced of the extreme long term viability of Kryonaut, but only lasting a month sounds like an application error.

AS5 works well enough in most scenarios, but has been long since surpassed in every metric (performance, value, longevity, safety, ease of application, ease of clean up, etc) by a whole slew of more modern TIMs.
I just checked a few PCs in my office which I repasted with Kryonaut when I got it two months ago, the paste on all of them has dried out, two have stock intel coolers and one has an Arctic Freezer 33. Not sure what to think of this as the temps did seem fine (although I have nothing to compare them against) but the fact that the paste is dry doesn't seem alright. What's weird though is that I noticed that the remaining paste on the applicator is also dry, I'm not sure if this is possibly a problem of the medium they use for the paste? I've never seen paste dry up on the open in a matter of days granted I've been using mostly NT-H1 for the last 8 years.

Regarding the aplication method I followed it was stated in the "manual" which I got with the tube of Kryonaut, it does seem odd as the paste is far more malleable than Noctua's and their own Hydronaut which I received with the EK waterblock, I've never applied paste by spreading it and I was reluctant to do so as it is very soft and seems even better for the pea method, what's worse is that every application I did was done with the spread method which means I have no idea how it behaves if applied in a different way.

Quote: Originally Posted by ThrashZone View Post
Kryonaut is way over priced and over rated NT-H1 is fine.
Yeah I'll probably stick with NT-H1 for now, I did send Thermal Grizzly and email with these pictures so hopefully they will reply if this is normal or not.
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