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Quote: Originally Posted by Finrond View Post
I think Cosmo is down at the moment.
No issues for me that I can see today, maybe it was just a blip.

Quote: Originally Posted by k4m1k4z3 View Post
Cool, one of my favorite projects is on for this month. Are we pushing for people running the feeling lucky app on prime grid or was that just mentioned because it is one of the GPU projects with higher ppd? I just finished running a couple dozen of them to get my GFN badge up to 100 million and was going to push for my 100 million PSA badge.... of course finding a very big prime during the project of the month would be something special....

I'll be hunting a world record prime, but the mention in the OP was just random. Working on my first one now, and I'm only running it on a 1070, so it will be a long haul to get a few of them completed.

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