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Quote: Originally Posted by fursko View Post
What is the average stable overclock for this card ? Reviews are generally around 2070-2080 mhz. Can anyone see 2150-2200?
Quote: Originally Posted by Xtronec View Post
I can get 2070 but after that it gets unstable, I have seen mine at 2100 but it wont stay there even on WC
Well just to report back on this, I changed my card and got a very good EVGA FTW3 Ultra.

On games (like The Division 2) core clock will stay at 2160~2145 under 60C with fans at 65%
On benchmarks will get get down to ~ 2130 after a while as the temps pass 65. Temp spike around 70C at 70~80% fan speed.
Memory OC is 8200Mhz, ambient temps around 27C.

This card is a beast.

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