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In a bit of a departure to the topics covered in posts to date, a word on coolant. Day before yesterday I telephoned Mayhems UK (the manufacturer) to take some advice on coolant and to order both fluids and cleaning kits. The person I spoke with (either the owner, managing partner, or a senior person there) was absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt, the most helpful and enthusiastic person I've dealt with on this build so far...

Not only did we quickly and easily sort out the precise configuration and volumes of coolant required, but what followed was pretty much a masterclass in customer service.

In no particular order, we covered: how to select the best possible water blocks for components; the relative merits of acrylic, copper and "other" block materials; how to connect up coolant circuits to ensure that convection works with pumps and not against them; the importance of pressure-testing circuits before adding coolant; the perils of quick-release and so-called "non-drip" systems; the value of using gaskets to insulate radiators and cooling fans from cases, to cut down on vibration and case noise.

All in all, not only did I come away with everything I needed and more, I picked up a lot of really helpful advice and assistance on the way. Right down to me being asked where I was sourcing my CPU water block from, then being told, "Any problems getting hold of one of those, give me a call. I know the guy who owns that company - I can drop him a line and pull rank for you..."

I guess I'm just getting old and cynical, but I genuinely cannot remember the last time I've experienced customer service like this.

And: everything turned up this morning via courier, on time, expertly packed for transit.

One-hundred-and-eleven out of ten... five gold stars, etc, etc... Properly epic service.

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