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More Hard Disk Drive Drama – RMA Hell

With all the mentions of the word “Royal” lately, let me tell you that these Seagate hard drives have been a “Royal” pain in the neck for me!

You probably saw were I recently reinstalled the two “refurbished” Seagate 12TB Ironwolf “Professional” hard drives that I received from RMA. It always kind of irks me when I buy something new, and then I get a used part back if it fails

Anyway I had to wait for my new RAM to arrive before I could fire up the system again. Of course the first thing I did was check if I could see the hard drives under Disk Management and Device Manager, which I could see both hard drives

After what happened before there was no way that I was going to attempt to make a large “spanned volume” with windows again, so I decided to make a “mirrored volume” with the two hard drives so that I would have all my data on two separate hard drives.

I started the process about 3:30 in the afternoon, the next morning it was about 85% done, a little later I checked, and it was 95% complete. So I went for a walk figuring it would be about done when I got back. Well… when I got back my screen was blank, and the system either crashed or would not wake up.

I hit the reset button, and it restarted fine except there was some kind of error message that said would you like to remove one drive from the array or something like that. Not that I had another choice, I clicked the ok button, and now second drive was now no longer visible anywhere again just like before, just disappeared. Now I’m really pissed! I spent extra money to get the “Professional” series hard drives, they should be able to run in a basic mirrored volume!

This time I don’t even bother with the Seagate web site support since it didn’t work very well previously, I called and talked to tech support hoping they could do something, anything to make the drive visible again, he said if you can’t see the drive in the Seatools software then the drive is bad.

After spending nearly an entire hour on the phone they set me up for another RMA, I had to ask for expedited shipping. So I drain the system pull the hard drive cage assembly back out. Remember this is not a quick and easy task.

After receiving the replacement “refurbished” hard drive, I think to myself should I test this before installing it? No… the chances of this drive being bad are astronomical! So I install the new drive, put the tubing back in, fill and leak test the system again just to be sure all is ok with no leaks, fire the system up… and this drive is completely dead out of the box

At this point I’m just completely disgusted with the whole situation! I call Seagate again, another hour long call to tech support, and they are sending me yet another drive. I did ask for a brand new drive, and expedited shipping. They actually did send me a brand new drive. This time I’m testing it first! Also I left the system together so I can work on other things while I waited for the new hard drive.

So with the dead drive still installed in the system, I hooked up the six foot SATA cable I had from previous testing, and since I am already using all my aux power ports on the power supply in the case I put my spare power supply on the chair here to power up the new hard drive you see on the cart top below the case.

The six foot SATA cable running under the cart to the new hard drive, and the first glimpse of the new Trident Z Royal memory illuminated.

While holding my breath... I start the computer… yesssss it shows in Device Manager I proceeded to format the drive, and run all the Seatools software tests which all ran ok. Finally after six total hard drives it looks like I have two I’ll actually be able to use.

Then for a little more testing before draining the system to swap the hard drive out, I copied my Steam folder from the 2TB Samsung 850 EVO SSD that all my games are on, to the new hard drive. It’s a nice even 750 GB file size. The hard drive seems pretty fast, it even got to over 300 MB/s a few times, but most of the time was well over 200 MB/s.

It took 63 minutes to copy the 750 GB file from SSD to this new hard drive. Here’s a screen snip I took just before it finished the copying. You can see the HWiNFO temp readings of the drive during the test, it started at 24°, maxed out at 31°, and averaged 29°.

Comparing the HDD Temps on Air vs. Under Water

I originally wasn’t planning to do any temperature comparisons between the hard drives without cooling, and a hard drive that is water cooled, but since this temporary setup will make that easy to test that why not! So I copied the same 750GB file from the newest hard drive without cooling, to the hard drive that is in the loop with water cooling. This will give both drives a little more work too.

Drive D at the top of the HWiNFO display is the one under water. It is the refurbished one, and it looks like it has had over 12,000 GB written to it already, very little of which is from me.
Anyway under idle the water cooled hard drive runs about three degrees cooler than the other drive does. It took 70 minutes to complete this file transfer, and the average temperature difference was five degrees 26°C to 31°C.

Even the hard drive without cooling runs plenty cool enough, I did get them up to 44° back when I tested them on my daily driver rig when I first got them. I also remember reading in a review somewhere that these drives tend to run on the warm side.

Although the water cooling of these drives is mostly just for aesthetics, it will be nice especially once the Devastator is in my office with higher ambient temperatures this Summer.

Seagate experience and RMA process

I normally don’t like to bash companies over products, and I’m not going to bash Seagate here. However after all I’ve been through, and six different hard drives, I will say that I seriously regret buying these hard drives over the Western Digital Red hard drives that I originally planned to use.

The main reason I switched to the Seagate drives is they were a little faster, and they were 12TB where the largest hard drives in the Red series from Western Digital currently is 10TB. After the experience I’ve had with these hard drives, I seriously doubt that I will ever buy another Seagate product again!

Meanwhile I’ve been playing around with the overclock on the new memory sticks, as well as reworking the CPU overclock settings which I'll cover when I'm finished. I still have to drain the system, remove the necessary tubing, and swap out a hard drive for the last time hopefully! I'm also going to calibrate the fill level sensor in the Aqua Suite software during this next drain and fill process.

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