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Gpu passthrough ? (physical monitor connections where?)

I wasn't really sure where to post this question but its a combo of stuff in a question. I couldn't find answers one this but i may be asking incorrectly or using wrong terminology.(when searching online)

In short i see stuff done like UnRaid with gpu passthough and the ability to dedicated hardware(GPU) in this case. I see tons of videos showing how to set this up software wise, but not hardware. So here is my question:

When dedicating a GPU to a VM or GPU passthrough however its defined, DO you HAVE to connect a monitor to the gpu being dedicated? I mean as in physically connecting a vga cable/hdmi/dvi/dp to the gpu for that VM? Or does it use the primary gpu to display the VM?

I realize this may be a broad question but lets try to stick with UNraid as the primary example, if someone could explain it in the case of other VM software that would be cool also.

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