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Quote: Originally Posted by PipJones View Post
CPU Voltage seems a little high for air, but, not too scary providing it is good.

Stability test required with constant monitoring of temps. I use SIV to monitor temps.

I will send you a link to my BIOS settings pre-5960X.
That would be amazing I was trying to use your past messages as a guide. Were you on water or air before? I figure if the EZ tuner hits 4ghz no problem 4.3 / 4.4 should be doable on my system. Currently at 4.3 prime 95 will hit 80's which I dont want to have it under. Gaming in apex was in the 50's.

I figure 4k on a 2080ti I should be able to max out at this point. So if I am not maybe its a CPU bottle neck. Def want to get a stable good O/C before I figure out other ideas.
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