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I dunno what I'm doing.
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Well, we started using NordVPN and it turns out our trusty old ASUS router can't quite handle VPN tasks on gigabit internet for 5 people, imagine that. So I'm building a PFSense box with my old i5-4670k that's currently in a dusty box doing nothing.

Specs will be:
- i5-4670k
- ASRock H81 PRO BTC. My old LGA1150 mobo died, and this was only $45. Plus it has 5 of PCI X1 slots, perfect for a supercharged router.
- 8GB
- Whatever the cheapest SSD is at MicroCenter.
- Two 10Gtek Intel 82576 cards.

I plan on setting up two VLANs: one will go through the VPN for most of our general traffic, the other VLAN will not use VPN for things like streaming and big downloads. ASUS router will become a basic WAP on the VPN VLAN. Since we want speed, I'm going to dedicate this box entirely to PFSense, rather than try to run VMs with PFSense and FreeNAS or something else.

Since this will be my first foray into the world of PFSense, anyone have any common pitfalls I can expect to run into?

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