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Quote: Originally Posted by TopM5 View Post
Negotiation is possible on product prices to shipping costs, you need to discuss it with seller. What you're buying ? If its a small size and light weight item like cpu, ram, then you can use premium shipping method and get it delivered within week. Because sellers mark items as gift and undervalue it too. If you're buying large and heavy item, then you might have to pay customs and taxes in your country if you choose premium shipping.
So what I'm buying is fittings and case fans like this, https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Blac...7b773c00Sw7b5v. Light weight right? Well just for that 1 piece its $46 to ship DHL in 6-13 days. That's 6x's the cost of the piece! It seems that you should pay shipping based on the entirety of your order, not piecemeal. Still, price is amazing!

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