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I own a Enermax product (LEPA LC-240) and the cooler I had already posted why not to, or caution on buying.

First they are out marketing like all these days Boosting the product, but out of the box both time the one of the two cooling fans rattle horrendously and it is something they should check before packing or shipping for that matter. I don't enjoy expecting the product to be solid and it is faulty out of box.

The second thing is yes the unit lasted one month before the warranty was up. We relocated and after plugging up I was having issues with shutting down for no reason. Turns out the coolant had all but evaporated. After removing the unit shaking the radiator you could here very little coolant within.

After a rather hassle of a time trying to return they finally sent me a replacement unit, as I stated above out of box new wrapping defective fan. Don't get me wrong I do like the fan blade design but a bit more Q&A could prove better to the consumers.

As with any choice of AIO or Liquid Cooling do keep a factory or aftermarket CPU cooler on hand with extra Thermal Paste of choice.

Always have a backup. I not saying the units here are bad, I stating buyer beware as I found the elbows hoses from the block push pretty hard against my memory stick that places a lot of pressure on the mounting area. Again very thick hose as concept that it can maintain less chance of evaporation.

The product can work fine but Q&A should be a bit better, Some of these issue do not show till weeks or months of usage.
Enermax Support is rather shoddy to with all the requirement to take photos and removing this and that, only to get a refurbished unit with x2 new fans mounts and all.

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