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Most excellent! Them 40mm TECs aren't cheap at 50 bucks a crack!! BUT they are twice the strength than the one I use now. It's done very well through the years for me on occasional usage.

The one I had gotten came pre-sealed. Here's the data sheet. http://www.thermonamic.com/TEC1-12715-English.PDF
Purchased that from e-bay years ago. It was 10 bucks maybe?

So a little history and where it led me, might help you at some point in the future while I fully understand what you HAVE accomplished! _______

When I tried cooling a water loop, I found it near impossible. By reading some of this thread and your build, I was actually in shock at the amount of time effort and money involved with this setup. So I went thinking back to many experiments even down to making water blocks from poured aluminum custom castings, basically a block with holes drilled through it. Discovering it froze the block really easily, I thought perhaps cooling liquid with a few would do the trick. Well, like your system, needed a LOT of heat dissipation from the TECs. And that was a entire separate challenge as you have displayed here!

Always having ideas but limited time I was trying to make a different type of cooler with the blocks I made. Basically chilling the water on the inside of the blocks for the cpu cooling wasn't enough. I figured by using ALL of the surface area to cool the chilling loop, I'd have to run the water ON the blocks and then loop them INTO and through the blocks then straight to the cpu. With project delays, I never was able to make this reality. This was just one of very many ideas to actually USE as much of the TECs cooling capability as possible. Running water through the blocks just didn't supply enough cooling to the surface area of the water passing though. Gah. Wish I had the time for this one. I figure I was loosing 60% or more cooling capability passing water just and only through the water block.

Any how I came to a finalization of build and probably will never turn a cheek to it. It was the one and only way I could run a TEC, Freeze a Cpu and just have fun (not intended for daily use... but could) gaming benchmarking, experimenting with processors (all AMD chips) hitting clocks impossible even with a custom ambient loop. I run a Geothermal water loop to cool my TECs. It's super simple, pretty darn cheap to run and provides a super constant water delta and nice and cool too!! Tap to Drain or geothermal to sound cool seems to have had THE best effect for chilling a TEC and even processors over anything and everything I've ever tried set aside a pond pump in a bucket of Ice Water. The TEC sits on a decent cold plate, 1/8" thick 50mm x 60mm and that's right on top of the processor.

Any how, you are totally living a dream of mine and I really love this thread and others like it. + Rep all day and any one reading this thread should double up on that.

Let me read the thread all the way through though. You're adding more Rads, that I read (going backwards from here) but I have some questions for sure. They may already been answered though......

Big props man. I really dig this. I examined your picture/s a lot. Crazy awesome build man. Keep at it.
Might have to pick up one of those 224W TECs for sure. Right now I can idle a Ryzen 2700x at -25c and colder. At a load it's a little more challenging! XD

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