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Quote: Originally Posted by Gunderman456 View Post
AMD making a splash again. We know DXR works with Vega and we also have Radeon VII, so why hasn't AMD released their own drivers? Always last to the parade.
AMD has always been slow to deliver software whether it comes to drivers or doing features that mirror Nvidia. This is to be expected.

However they have a pretty good excuse this time.

AMD has to divert any resources it has for software for navi drivers which is considerable work.

One of the big key improvements AMD can do along with reducing sample variance(to clock and volt nearer to optimum) is getting day 1 drivers mature. These two things can vastly change reviewer perception of their products.

They should avoid driver work for DXR for now as it seems very buggy, difficult to obtain reasonable for performance and seems time intensive as late introduction to software have shown.
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