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Quote: Originally Posted by hmcindie View Post
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There are 310 about 1 inch squares in a 27 inch monitor, a 65inch TV has 1808, which means a 65 inch TV would need 2260 LEDs to even match the monitor on a blooming radius standpoint, assuming both were IPS. You need to realize that just like with Pixels, the Amount of Pixels you have is irrelevant, its how many Pixels per Inch, that matters. Same here, how many LEDs the screen has is irrelevant, how many LEDs does it have per Inch.
According to you a 1inch monitor with a two-zone backlighting is better than a 65inch tv with more zones as the 1inch tv has smaller zones. That's not how it works.
That is exactly how it works lol...

More LEDs, less area lit per led, blacker blacks.

When the LED has to light a large area, the blacks in that large area are brightened.

I don't understand how you guys don't get this, it's honestly common sense.

This is why OLED is wanted, each pixel is an LED. This means the lighting can be handled on a per pixel basis. This is best case scenario.

However, as a close to, would be a very high amount of Zones with a Non bleed LCD type, such as VA, IPS glows, so the light Carry's more than a VA, which is why the blooming on our 27UQs is bigger than the 1inch the LED lights, that's the IPS screen glow, spreading the light a bit more.

However even then, the difference is still vast. If a light has to light, 1 in area, or rather is designed to, then we have another light that's designed to light a 6 inch area.

Now let's say, in the center of the areas is a white circle, small, bright.

In the case of the 1inch led area, we will see brightened blacks, 1 inch area around the circle. In the case of the 6 inch area, we will see a brightened black 6 inch area around the circle.

In what world do you live in where the later is superior?

OLED wins due to sheer amount of LEDs per the size area. That's what is important. With the case of OLED the amount of LEDs vs Size of screen doesn't matter, as each pixel is lit. However in an LCD, the amount of LEDs relative to the screen size is the most important metric as far as HDR is concerned.

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You are just talking more and more nonsense now. It's time to take this back to whatever noob forum it came from.
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