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Quote: Originally Posted by mattxx88 View Post
this weekend i took some time to test mine, bleed quite inexistent, no dead pixels, i am very satisfied with it. I come from a 1440p VA panel (lg 32GK850G) and differences (in better) are evident
HDR both on games and videos is awesome as well as the res increase (from 1440p)
i also found the default calibratin fine, i tried tftcentral settings but i see the panel too dark

also in hdr with luminance setteted at 80 i found it too bright, and setted to 40, sweet spot for me

i keep hdr off from windows (it auto turns on when launching an supported game) and brought the slider up to 70 when on

last thing, i cannot get FF XV working with HDR but now i see it requires hdr ON from windows before starting the game

the division 2, Anthem and BF5 looks awesome with HDR, i'm finally in love with it [IMG class=inlineimg]/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif[/IMG]
How was your VA panel? Is the black much better than this IPS one? I kinda regret purchasing this monitor for such high price instead of a VA tv because the blooming on ips is too much.

I’m surprised you set reference white to 40. On my monitor, reference white at 90 gives the highest max luminance (~1200 nits). Lowering it and the monitor will not reach its full hdr punchiness potential. This monitor really shines in bright scenes. It beats the oled with ease. But in dark scenes with tiny highlights it looks like ass due to blooming.
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