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How was your VA panel? Is the black much better than this IPS one? I kinda regret purchasing this monitor for such high price instead of a VA tv because the blooming on ips is too much.

I’m surprised you set reference white to 40. On my monitor, reference white at 90 gives the highest max luminance (~1200 nits). Lowering it and the monitor will not reach its full hdr punchiness potential. This monitor really shines in bright scenes. It beats the oled with ease. But in dark scenes with tiny highlights it looks like ass due to blooming.
That LG was awesome (till i tired this asus anyway) the black is fine on VA but not MUCH better than this Asus
you have not to regret your purchase, trust me. the only (light) blooming i have is watching videos, ingame i don't notice issues

i setted it to 40 cause i noticed watching videos on youtube try this one for eg:
at 0:46 with hig luminance above 40/50 you cannot distinguish the white panles of the dj's console
there's other videos to make compares, i remember there waere a snake on a video and with high luminance you cannot see the scales of the skin, lowering it they came visible

i'm using it @92hz 4:4:4 10bit, tonight maybe i'll try if there's any difference with srgb
Make sure you watch that youtube video on microsoft edge instead of chrome. Chrome will make hdr highlights blown out. At least that’s the case for me. I used Chrome to fine tune reference white and I also end up with 40-50, but if I use Edge it needs to be at 80-90.

As for the blooming, I notice it everwhere whenever a tiny bright spots on a black background. Maybe because your reference white is lower so hdr contents are dimmer so blooming is less severe

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