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Quote: Originally Posted by kithylin View Post
Here's my current build with a water cooled 1080 Ti in a Corsair Graphite 780T:

Note: I removed the drives cages and their bottom mount entirely. I'm using a 4x1 (4x2.5" drives in 1x5.25" bay) icy dock hot swap bay in one of the 5.25" bays, and I use the 2.5" mounts in the middle-back of the case. I don't claim to be good at making videos so sorry if the quality sucks. It's just me and my DSLR. You could easily fit two or three 1080 Ti's in this case in a similar configuration to mine and still have tons of room for radiators. I'm using 4 of em: 360mm up top, 240mm front, 240m bottom front underneath the pumps, and a 120mm in the back. This is a hybrid build that dual-boots WindowsXP & Win7x64 so it currently has a GTX-780 in it for XP Side. Yes I'm crazy. No don't ask about it. No I don't want to discuss it.
Hey Kithylin, thanks for the response. However, maybe I should have been clearer. I have the two GTX 1080 TI cards that are air cooled. They're bulkier than your water cooled versions. I would go water, but I am happy the way it is and don't feel like spending more money.

If you, or any other OCers here can point me to a good case that would fit air cooled SLI 1080 Ti cards, that'd be great!

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