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Quote: Originally Posted by mllrkllr88 View Post
Nice work! The video quality, editing, and B-roll footage was high quality.

Some friendly criticism... Here you have a powerful AIO which apparently deigned to handle modern high-wattage HEDT CPU's, but you didn't evaluate it's lofty claims. The company touts the 500+ watt TDP as if it was hard earned, and looking at their website it's clear they quite proud of it. In my opinion you didn't do the product justice by testing with an 8700k, which has a stock TDP of 95w. Even overclocked to 5G as you have done, you wont be anywhere near where you need to be to adequately test the claims of this AIO. I suppose that would be like trying to do a review for the new XMP-4800 DDR4 memory modules on a midrange 4-dimm gaming motherboard.

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Thank you for your appreciation to how hard the video work is.

Like I said on YT, I don't have a HEDT chip atm. I test with what I got. And no I am not sending it to you.

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