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i9-7900X @ 5135.97 GHz takes over the #1 spot in the 5GHz club!

I still have not drained the system to swap out the last hard drive. Instead I have been reworking the CPU and RAM overclocks due to the new RAM which I'll detail later.

Meanwhile, yesterday I was able to validate my i9-7900X CPU with CPU-Z for the 5GHz Club. This is fun to do, and there is no stability requirement here! You just have to get the system to boot into Windows long enough to grab a CPU-Z validation.

To do this I went into the bios, changed the RAM settings to Auto, changed the Cache mulitplier to Auto, and manual vcore voltage to 1.39 which was just a guess

I really don't care where the RAM and cache clocks are now it's all about the CPU speed. The system starts and boots into Windows with the CPU multiplier at x50 which I figured it would since I was able to make a few Cinebench runs at that speed previously. Now back into the bios I change the CPU multiplier to x51... and it starts and boots into windows

Next I try x52 on the CPU, and as I suspected it would not boot here. To squeeze just a little more out of it, I went back into the bios switched the multiplier back to x51 and upped the Block to 100.20, then 100.30, and finally to 100.40, and it still booted into windows and allowed me to get the needed CPU-Z validation. I was running out of time and never tried to increase the Block any further, although I expect that is close to the max it will go to. Also the CPU-Z validation shows the block at 100.71, but the bios was set to 100.40

I normally never mess with the Block and leave it at the stock 100 setting, however in this case sometimes it's just enough to edge out a few other scores of people running the same multiplier with the Block at stock speeds. This is exactly how I surpassed the person that was at the top of the list for the 7900X CPUs.

Here is the CPU-Z validation link https://valid.x86.fr/njgsl1

Funny thing is that is almost the exact same score I got with my 4790K back in 2014 except with 10 cores instead of four!

I've also been dialing in my Aqua Suite software settings. I plan to do an in depth "how to" with lots of screen shots once I have compiled everything.

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