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PSU age and voltage rail question

Didn't found general PSU thread "about everything"

Couple of days ago I've noticed voltage supply deviation reported in HWinfo - I thought so cause it was....more "stricted" before. Planning to doublecheck that with hardware - friend of mine has one.

But at this moment I'm just curious. So, here's the stuff:

Corsair RM750i, 3.5 years old
Under load (max 450W), these figures I see:
12V rail: min 11.984V, max 12.047V (average current ~30A)
5V rail: min 5.078V, max 5.109V (average current ~5A)
3.3V rail: min 3.375V, max 3.406V (average current ~2A)

I know it's still far away from ATX tolerance standarts, though I surely can say it was better not long before. So, is it like "PSU is getting old and gonna die in year or two", smth like that? Just want to avoid situation when PSU kills itself and takes half of the rig with it - it's easier to start looking for a replacement from now.
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