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Quote: Originally Posted by Blze001 View Post
Yeah, I was on the verge of getting the Intel I210s when I came across these 10Gtek ones where pretty much every review said "Works great with PFSense!" so I took it as a sign.

Unfortunately, the on-board network chipset is a Realtek one and I've heard those are very hit and miss. Leaving that one out, I'll have 4 ports and I'm thinking of having 1 for modem, 1 for the wireless access point (this is the port I'd want the VPN on), and 2 for hardline connections (PS4 and gaming rig, no VPN).
You can setup firewall rules to send spacific devises/clients into the VPN. It's pretty simple. You can go even more fine grain if you want. Some ports, for example, use the VPN, others do not.
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