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OK it's late and the forum keeps eating my drafts. I'm getting terse.

Used Microsoft wireshark-like, it records processes as well as packets. Found like a hundred packets (connections?) all from within a thousandths of a second with empty to/from fields, so I think they're local? I don't know if they're normal, or if the weird timing of so many different things at once is normal. They seem to be microsoft, though.

Attached is a screenshot of an error that I don't understand being given for packets from the game itself. Some "System" packets had the same error. Is this the right forum for this?

While I'm at it, I happened to catch a tiny glimpse of what looked like a command prompt window (regular window filled with black), is there any real way to figure out what's doing that? I had project CARS 2 minimize abruptly while I was testing this stuff and I'm wondering if it could be related.
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