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Quote: Originally Posted by Streetdragon View Post
Soo im in 1080TI Sli watercooled.

Thought sli would work as good as cossfire.. but nope. A bit disapointed. Metro exodus work only with hex editing and anthem not at all.

Some benchmarks dont use sli and dx12 has no sli support at all. Feels really bad, BUT it looks cool.

Maybe there comes more support in the future
DirectX-12 does use both video cards but it's a different method, "Explicit Multi-GPU". It doesn't use SLI or CrossFire, but multi-GPU is possible with DX12. The problem is it's entirely up to the developer of whom ever makes the game to code in Multi-GPU support in to their game/title when they add DX-12 support. Some developers may want to bother coding it in, some may not bother coding it in.

EDIT: Just do some research and make sure the games you enjoy playing support SLI or can be made to support it easily before buying. For me.. all the games I enjoy playing all support it with little to no work. So I'm (potentially) looking forwards to it.

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