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CPU only GTS or GTX

I am about to do my first custom loop and for all the research I've done I can really figure this out. I have an Enthoo Luxe and I'm basicly doing an all Phanteks build, but this radiator thing is throwing me off.

PC Specs

Asus x299 TUF Mk 1
32gb Corsair 3200
Strix 2070 OC
intel 760p Nvme

I am using a Phanteks Glacier R220 with a swiftech MCP50x and the glacier C350i CPU block. All the fans are Phanteks MP 140's. I would like to do a 420 GTS in push/pull so that I can use my Phanteks halos. However its seems like i've read conflicting reports on the rad and push vs push/pull. If I go with the GTX I will not be able to do push/pull or use my halos, but I believe I would be able to get a better overclock. Currently I'm using a Noctua D15s with a 4.8ghz overclock. Can someone tell me if the GTS 420 would be enough to do a decent OC or do I just need to get the GTX and lose out on push/pull and the halos but possibly have much better OC potential. This is a CPU only WC as I have the cablemod vertical GPU mod and I like the way it looks with the Strix card. My CPU is not delidded yet but will be once I decide on the radiator.
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