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What is the model name of this case...& is it still good for computer builds?

Hello, I have had this empty computer case for a few years now, and I have no clue as to how usable it may still be...and finding it online through reverse image search led me to a similar model...but mine is a Gigabyte, the the one online was a Xigmatic scorpio raidmaster(?)

I think you could call this a Mid Tower because it isn't the biggest case I have seen.

It has One clear side panel on the left as you look at it from the front, the drive bay is behind a door with red accents and silver like plastic in a sort of stylistic A in a scooped out section that is also silver with four divots equally placed around the scoop forming an imaginary "X", two mirrored silver crescent moon shapes are place above & below that with four silvery "Rivets", & red trim forming a different version of a stylistic "X" form, thereby giving the impression that the silver "Rivets"are holding the rest in place.
The majority of the case is black, the bottom section of the front contains an intake grille made of black plastic. There are two USB ports at the bottom of that, with what appears to be a pair of 3.5mm jacks, there is no indication that this portion was ever covered.
I think the case is steel, I will need to test the magnetic properties again, but if memory serves, it is Steel.

I bought this second hand at a Recycling store, so I have no idea of its history.

It did have a tag for a Gigabyte GA-7N400 Pro2/ GA-7N400/ GA-7N400-L Series of Motherboard settings.

I got the Case in 2016...which I assume is a long while after they discontinued that model of motherboard from what my research has been able to pull up. Gigabyte's website had no references to that motherboard outside of the news release section.Although, I stopped looking through that after deciding that it must not have been of a primary line, or I was just too overloaded with trying to sort through all of those release note titles. Google Image search was actually more useful for that inconsequential item. Sadly, the case has proven much more elusive to even get an accurate hint of it's background.

While I am going to attach the image of the front, I thought it best to describe it.

Thank you for reading through this, & I hope it wasn't too much of anything aside from informative.
I look forward to learning about this case & its current utility for a computer build.
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