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Quote: Originally Posted by QuickpoisonX View Post
Oops, my mistake, won't happen again.

Yeah I know, but.. I can adquire these 3 at the same prince so, if the price is similar, which one of these would be better for a little OC? (4-2,4-6) I mean, in VRM terms, lifespan, etc...

Thank you!
Again, doesn't matter lol. Your not clocking it that high past the turbo clock so pick whatever one you like the most. As long as you supply it with clean, reliable power and keep the VRM's cool, they both will perform the same.
If you must have someone external help you with an internal choice, I'd say go with the Gigabyte board. Simply because it has more VRM (Note that I did not say quality or high end, I just said more lol).
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