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yep, got it. that was in fact the problem. Learn as you go, more tools at my disposal in the future god forbid. Sometimes you always start chipping away at a problem from the wrong direction and do the first thing you should have done last, and it costs you SO much time

what a relief though. Shame how much little things like that can stress you out.

Now just to find out why my darn non system drives are being spun up when not being used. That may just be one of those "is what it is" situations though. Not fixable without a hacky workaround.

Proc-mon pointed to nada and it seems like its something under the hood/windows 10'ey type thing. Maintenence on said drives is off. None of them are set to be index'd. Theyre all set to power down. I dont access any directly yet they just spin up.

I have a few drives that have 7000 power on/off cycles and theyre not even 2 years old.

buuuut. I digress

spend more time getting a pc "just right" nowadays then actually enjoying it. Perhaps on some subliminal level, this IS enjoying it? yuck!
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