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Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
And when you use FS OFF you get no OD? What the hell.

And with FS ON the OD only works well in certain refresh range while in other it's bad? To be honest this sounds even worse than other similar monitors. Sounds like static unadaptive OD with FS ON and no OD with FS OFF.

Add to that the V2 issues... + very limited availability...
That was a Gsync pendulum demo, running on AMD and Freesync, don't be surprised by that issue I was just pointing out what I observed. It's not a game anyway lol. I was just trying to put out what I observed just like the overdrive results on TFTCentral are not while gaming but on special software for the oscilloscope hardware. Could have the same issue as the Gsync pendulum demo and overdrive mighrt not work right under those conditions. Simon said he wants to test the Nixeus under VRR in the future.

Maybe AMD needs to support the special software that Simon uses, I don't know there are just so many variables.

If you have a AMD GPU the Nixeus 27EDG v1 has superb freesync performance. I tried the XF270HUA and it was total opposite no overdrive with freesync at all.

It makes sense Peter has said in the past that variable overdrive is active automatically when using freesync.

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