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Crucial is mostly using micron memory chips. Micron chips usually don't clock too high, and don't like voltage, and if you try to do a brute force overclocking, you have to loosen the timings so much, it will hurt performance. But they can do some REALLY tight timings at lower speeds, and games usually LIKE tight timings.
Basically, you have to spend a few hour playing with your stix, and figure out, how does it scale with voltage, and get those timings TIGHT :/
Pun intended

Samsung B-die is ***** expensive. GSkill Aegis and Kinston HyperX use hynix M-die chips, they usually do well enough to max out the memory controller on Ryzen 1000/2000 CPUs. They are not as good as a Samsung B-die, but at least they will not break the bank. I can't even get B-dies my region, and the import fees would raise the price even more.

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