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Quote: Originally Posted by white owl View Post
They aren't under $30.

I doubt many will rush to buy a 212 to replace the Wraith cooler...unless they don't have coolers this time?
Even if they don't I'm not sure why you'd want a 212 over a Cryorig H7 or True Spirit 140 Direct and the more expensive but D14 equivalent True Spirit 140 Power
Because those coolers are not always available or at the 30 bucks mark. Also the h7 is very, very slightly better, not much better and the true spirit 140 it's not in the same class, nor by price or performance. It's a much, much better cooler than more often than not, costs double.

Because you're wrong. The 212 it's still better than a 2700x cooler at less than half the RPM. And it's vertical, which means in airflow cases scales like crazy in performance (this is not theory, it's just current present situation in my home). Keeps my 2600 stock so low that barely reaches 50°C in gaming with 20°C room temp. Usually it goes around 46-47°C, and all my fans, cooler included run around 700rpm. It scales almost linearly with the RPM from the front intakes.
I had it on a 1800x at 3.95ghz with 1.38v+ in a define S+3nf A14 front intakes, running at 1200 rpm, and in prime95 small fft was getting 74-76°C. Room temperature 20°C~.

It's not gonna win any prize, but it's a damn good cooler at 30 bucks. The best.

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