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Quote: Originally Posted by Ceadderman View Post
I would look for a different brand of 1080 over the Gigabyte unit. I don't know about that card but Gigabyte is know for their CHEAPO Caps and VRMs. I suspect the one you picked won't be any different. If that's the only option or the other options are out of your budget then a 1080 Ti is a 1080 Ti.

Other than that I cannot see anywhere you went wrong. Nice build list.

Edit: Looks like I was just a LEETLE LATE to this build party.

Nice change on the GPU.


haha wew yeah thanks nice call. i also changed the ram:
Calculated nanoseconds:
vs previous gskill ripjaws
MHz:3600 CL:17
Calculated nanoseconds:

revised: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/Ymb8GG

Total: $1847.99


i can get this corsair psu for the same price as the rosewill, same specs:


already ordered the rosewill but if i act fast i can change the order

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