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Power supply adequate?

OK before I burn the house down...I am assembling another cruncher from the parts box for the upcoming Boinc Pentathlon. So for 3 weeks it is going to run 7/24 100% on the CPU and GPUs, stock clocks. After 3 weeks it can go back in the parts bin until the next time, so I am not looking for a purchase recommendation unless its something dirt cheap.

This is what I have to work with:

Mobo - ASUS M5A97 R2.0
CPU - FX-8320
RAM - 4x4G DDR3
GPU2 - EVGA GTX-750ti SC
Power Supply - Corsair CX-430
CM212 with 1 fan
4 120mm case fans

The outer vision calculator is recommending 520W, but my fuzzy logic says 325W should be enough and this should be fine. (CPU - 125, GPU1 - 120, GPU2 - 65, misc other stuff like fans and drives - 15W).

Option 2 -

I could reduce power needs by replacing the 960 with a 950. But the stupid calculator still says I am over. 490W

Which I think is closer to 295W
(CPU - 125, GPU1 - 90, GPU2 - 65, misc - 15W)

Option 3 -

I guess if I really wanted to live dangerously I could use the 960 and 950 together, but I would have to use a power cable adapter and the calculator again says I am way over what I think it would be, 552W

My calc 350W
(CPU - 125, GPU1 - 120, GPU2 - 90, misc - 15W)

I have Kill-a-watt, maybe I'll just screw it together and see what it says. Would I be safe drawing the rated power of the power supply from the wall 430W? It's a bronze 80% rated unit, but its also not exactly new so I don't want to push it.

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