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Quote: Originally Posted by shilka View Post
The CX430 is not very good to say the least

I know its not great, but it was cheap! And its what was in the parts box. I have owned a number of them and never had a problem, which I know doesn't mean others haven't. Johnny Guru and TPU both wrote OK reviews about it back in the day. Alas the Johnny Guru link seems to be borked.


I'll fiddle around with it, even if I have to just run one GPU.

But assume this power supply is 7 years old +/- a year, what would you say was a OK power draw at the wall measured with a Kill-aWatt?

If it was designed to deliver 430W at 80% efficiency, that would be 537.5 W in a perfect world. I was thinking if I kept it <450W I should be good regardless of what mix of components allows that.

I'll take some measurements this evening.

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