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Quote: Originally Posted by encore2097 View Post
Always keep a Hyper 212 EVO or two as a spare.. or main
No because it's way too overestimated.

Quote: Originally Posted by encore2097 View Post
I think you are being sarcastic? In case you are not, whats a better cheaper alternative to the 212?
On top of the before mentioned Arctic Freezer 33 Coolers (and the new Freezer 34 @ 22 eur) which have always been better and are currently better than the Hyper 212 in both pure price, pure performance and price/performance, i want to add the :

LC-Power Cosmo Cool LC-CC-120 which has taken the crown from the Hyper 212 since 2014 and at least in Europe is priced around 14 eur and is the best price/performance Cooler in the world since 2014.

And it's bigger brother LC-Power Cosmo Cool LC-CC-120-RGB for 22 eur, which is the best price/performance matte black rgb Cooler since it launched.

As for the US market, while there's a Deepcool Lucifer v2 for $35 nothing else matters, simply nothing in the US can beat this price point while the stock on amazon lasts.


The sales of Raijintek Themis at SuperBiiz for $19 https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php...a303b90a18050d

and the unfortunately finished Themis Evo sale also at SuperBiiz for $26 are also a worthy mention https://www.superbiiz.com/detail.php...e0002e0a180510

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