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Quote: Originally Posted by evilthx View Post
Until today I was running my Corsair AIO H115i, an older one of a few years. Last night I was watching my temps and noticed it was higher than normal again (Idle package temp of 36c @ 4GHz). Checked the pump, it was running, checked the fans, they were spinning. I ran AIDA64 to stress test and the package temp spiked and the system shut off. This was at the stock CPU speed of 4GHz (AMD 8350) and the temp hit 80+c! She's fine though, no damage. Today I removed the AIO and as anyone who liquid cools should do, I have a trusty EVO212 laying around just in case... well 3 of them. So I mounted it with new paste (the included cooler master TIM). I ran out of my MX-2. So, I also have a bunch of room at the top of the case now that the 280 rad is gone so I mounted one of my stock Corsair case fans to the top pulling air in and forcing fresh air to the fan on the EVO212 which is shot to the back of the case and exhausted with my Cougar 140mm fan. I have 2 more Cougar 140's on the front of the case pulling air in as well. So, 3 - 140's in, 1 - 140mm out and I am "positively" pleased with that lol.

If you take a look at the temps in the first pic, that is at stock CPU speeds then I overclocked to 4.5GHz boosting to 4.6GHz. I still have headroom She still clocks down (Cool & Quiet) and as you see, I ran both stress test for 20min each. I think I can call this a success. The second pic is the overclock settings. ASUS M5A99FX Pro R2.0, 16GB 1866 mem dual channel, AMD FX8350 Black Edition, ASUS ROG Strix RX480 OC 8GB, Corsair Obsidian 750D. A simple system in a big case. The last pic shows the Corsair fan and the 212 EVO orientation.
what fans are you running on yr 212 and the spd at which it runs at?

wat case r u using and are those dust filters i see at e top?
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