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You can overclock statically and run C-states with Balanced power plan. Instead of single core jumps (which are usless while in game) the entire thread count hits desired multiplier and at idle throttles the cpu.

So yea, he doesn't have it wrong....
If you run PBO on auto.... that's "Auto overclocking" ALL cores.
Core performance boost increase clocks of individual core/thread and generally only activates a single core/thread during the overclock.

AND my point being even with a manual overclock with a locked clock and voltage would still use very little energy at idle. The Green power savings is really a funny feature. I have no idea why overclockers ever shut it off......??
Remember he's running a B450 not a CHVII like yourself....

If you use PBO and CPB, you are not overclocking anything, the board and cpu are doing it for you.......

This is static overclocking.
I'm trying to figure out why people really think they are overclocking while utilizing the features of SenseMi. lol.
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