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Quote: Originally Posted by gipetto View Post
Thanks for the help, I guess I can upload my schematic if I replace the proprietary sensor with an adns9800 or something, but it's nothing you haven't seen before. When I made my first pcb with fritzing I used 2mm holes for the sides of the ec10 encoder. I may have had to cut them down the side with a sidecutters, can't remember.

kicad only has ec11 mechanical encoders and from memory, those use the center pin as common, whereas the ec10 has an outer pin as common. I screwed up the first pcb I made, so after that I put an extra 2 mounting holes so that I could rotate the encoder 180 degrees to correct the wiring.

kicad still needs a little work, because the NO and NC pins are reversed between the spst and spdt.
I used 2.1mm holes because those pins have a kink in them, but I haven't tested if that's enough clearance or not. If it's not, I can just bend the pins straight to make it work.

And yeah, it would make more sense if pin 1 was common, pin 2 was NO, and pin 3 was NC. Though instead of messing with the existing symbol I just made the footprint match the symbol.

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