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Help with artifacting

Hey Guys. Im new to overclockers but have been a long time lurker.

So i have a gtx 970 that i bought second hand, served me for 2 years and started to exhibit the dreaded blank screen. There was no overheating during this.

What i did:

1. Changed the drivers

2. Changed the thermal paste

3. Changed the psu

4. Tried the gpu in another pc

Nothing has worked so far.

And now the gpu artifacts during boot. For sure i thought "time to *bake*" so borrowed a friend's hand gun nd i heat it for about 5 mins and test the gpu. Nothing seemed to have changed...no better or worse than its previous state. So i read that i need to heat it up to 15mins 200 degree celcius...i used a 150 degrees hand gun so i heated it up to 20 mins. And again, no change at. No better or worse. So it got me thinking that maybe the issue was not the gpu chip itself but something else.

Extra note: during the blank screen phase, I could play the game for sometime. No artifacts, simply a blank screen. If i leave the gpu out for sometime i can use the gpu again for a long time (3hrs) before it blanks out.

Pls help out.

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