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Quote: Originally Posted by pioneerisloud View Post
I mean to be honest, I don't even really want a "sub". I just want slightly extended frequency than what I can accomplish with my desk space which is very limited. 4" 2 way speakers is about the largest I can fit comfortably (Micca MB42x is a tight fit). But I'd like extension down to probably at least 50Hz or so at least, comfortably and blended in. If I can extend lower that's great, but I do have concerns for my neighbors downstairs lol.

Which honestly makes me think I'd be happier with another amp, a 2 channel full range amp, and the bigger Dayton MK402's or even a pair of Dayton MK442's, and just run with no sub.
When I lived in an apartment I couldn't even turn my sub on without the neighbors going nuts. Maybe going without the sub would be a good idea.
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