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How do you actually read the true CPU voltage on Asus x299 boards? I am not sure but seems Aisuite and CPU-Z match results with CPU-Z having a higher refresh rate; so is everything just reading the CPU VID? Using HWmonitor CPU Vcore never changes and stays at like 0.8xx Volt but CPU VID matches basically Aisuite and CPU-Z. Problem I am having is I cant tell what my Vdroop is, with manual voltage it ALWAYS reads what I set it too. Changing LLC I know is doing something because my CPU temps change.

What do I need to do to find out actual CPU/Core Volt so I can take advantage of fine tuning my CPU, specifically working with Boost overclocking as well. Today I am using the x299 deluxe ii with BIOS 602. I also noticed this same behavior on the Asus x299 WS Sage. CPU is a 9980xe and 4.4ghz seems good at 1.12v but I would like to get some boost overclocks on 6-8 cores at 4.5-4.6ghz range.


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