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Quote: Originally Posted by TwoCables View Post
Wow. It's nice to be careful about your purchases, but this seems to be bordering on the ridiculous and I think you're over-complicating the whole process of choosing a PSU. Just make sure it's a good PSU and relax.

What will the PSU be powering?

What do you use your computer for?

How many hours per day would you say your system is at peak load where it's pulling hundreds of watts?

Do you overclock? If so, is it casual overclocking just for more performance? Or are you doing extremely competitive overclocking?

Please try to answer all of these questions.

Nah, it's not complicated, but I just checked Corsair RM850i that has stellar reviews when it comes to AC ripple, and my EVGA 1000w PQ is still better

Quote: Originally Posted by JackCY View Post
The problem is your noisy switching VRMs, most decent PSUs are fairly quiet and do not buzz, almost all at least consumer available (all) are switching power supplies.
What you actually asked for in your confusing OP is for a linear power supply, I don't know of a single one for the consumer PC market.

Get a decent PSU and then replace your whiny mobo/GPU VRMs. 100% of PCs will whine in some situation, be it 1000Hz mouse moving, 2000fps rendering, high speed networking, high RAM usage, ... anything periodic in audible frequency that puts a strain on some component.
Do you know of such a PSU? Do you know the name?

Quote: Originally Posted by Drake87 View Post
Vega 64, 2700x, 8 hard drives, 3 ssd, 8 fans. Total system usage doesn't normally get above 650w, according to my ups.
What kind of UPS do you use, can you link me or name it?

Quote: Originally Posted by ezveedub View Post
Hell, my old ass X58 with i7 960 OCed to 4.2Ghz and two ATI 6990s were drawing 1600 watts from a 110v wall monitor I had.....and that was using a AX-1200, lol

All my new stuff doesn't come anywhere near that rigs power consumption....

But on to the PSU fan....I don't think I've ever heard the fan noise on my Seasonic SSR-750PD 750W Platinum.....I hear everything else BUT the PSU fan. Unlsss OP has really quiet PC and it sits right next to you on the desk, maybe it could be an issue I guess......
Do you have a commonly reported "churning" of the fan on the Seasonic?

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